Alien Swarm with Gameolio - Four Player Co-Op Madness!

Ai-Phuong, Haven and Dan from Gameolio form up to tackle the Alien Swarm. Or at least try to! Thanks to Corey for joining us on our harrowing run into madness! Lots of "Noooooooooo!" action for all!

Dan's Guild Life: End Times - World of Warcraft

Well what a year it has been so far.

So inbetween this and my last post, quite a bit has happened in the World of Warcraft. Most notably, a large dragon had exploded onto the land of Azeroth and tore it up. Arguably he - what's-his-name... black dragon... Deathwing that's it - is the best designer the game has seen thus far. Re-arranging, replanting and remixing the world we've known for so many years to provide most of us a new playground to level our characters up, as well as giving us 'higher-ups' an excuse to attain a further five levels.

It was a fantastic start to the latest expansion, Cataclysm, and saw further dungeon and raids being made available to end-game. Guilds were given a reason to band together and contribute towards progression as the guild it self could now 'level up' and thereby provide their members with little perks (e.g. faster mount speed, increased reputation gains, access to a portable guild bank to name a few). Guilds were also given their own achievement system that could, again, reward perks or just boost the 'ego' of the guild as a whole. It was great in that it gave us another excuse to visit old content. New Player vs Player (PvP) areas were opened up to cater to that crowd to boot. Overall, and in implementation, the beginnings of a great expansion. However, that soon changed after the initial month.

You! The bad guy of Cataclysm.... that guy!

Our guild has always been a small group focusing on ten-player raids. During most of Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) we we're able to clear content and generally have fun. The difficulty in raids started fairly low and ramped up as we approached the final raid of the expansion. Personally, I enjoyed the crap out of WotLK. It provided the guild with plenty of content that I thoroughly enjoyed and provided some of the most epic moments seen thus far. I think a big one for the guild, and I, was travelling on the train in Ulduar for the first time to visit Mimiron (love the music in there). So, when Cataclysm erupted, I was hoping for more of that.

Certainly the first raid that we had entered into as a guild provided a step up in challenge as we saw a couple weeks of annihilation at the 'hands' of Magmaw. This is where the bulk of our problems began and continued right up today.

Magmaw, the tank eater

The guild was ready to get into another attempt at Magmaw when one of our members disappeared. We weren't sure what happened, but had to seek out a new member to fill that spot. This took almost three months to do. There could be plenty of reasons why this had happened. But one of the big ones seemed to be that folks were joining guild en masse. At least on our server it seemed that the small raiding teams were struggling to find members fill out their roster as people looking to join a guild were more concerned with being part of a guild that was already capped out (level 25). The result for was several large guilds, saturated with a variety of people, but not necessarily being a raiding guild. While I don't blame new players for choosing a guild that is at max level over one that can only offer half of the perks associated to guild level I am annoyed that this system wasn't thought through properly.

Certainly the idea of perks and guild leveling sounded great on the surface, but ever since Wrath of the Lich King there has been this push to cater to the casual players. Splitting raids into a 25 player and 10 player variation was a big step in that direction. Being able to take advantage of all raiding content in a 10 player team had the smaller guilds excited for every patch Blizzard released. Allowing gear, previously only attainable by raiding itself, to be purchased with a form of 'currency' earned by completing dungeons further closed the gap for newer players to be viable (at least at the entry level to whichever content was current) and made recruiting somewhat easier. Then Cataclysm hit and so too did guild leveling and it's perk system. With larger guilds able to burn through levels at a quicker pace then smaller guilds it certainly made them a more attractive place to be (who doesn't want all the perks?!) but in effect hindered the recruitment process. While the game does still have in place everything existing from the last expansion, the newly added guild leveling system somewhat stifled the process of casual, or smaller guilds, being able to reliably raid.

Guild Perks

While our guild did manage to hobble on and actually clear most of the content up to Ragnaros, it was a struggle. The story of how much bad luck we had could probably be enough for another post, but interestingly it wasn't totally uncommon amongst other guilds I came in contact with during pick-up player invites to fulfill missing member spots. Lag and real-life situations crept up continually for us and in one case, a guild members computer literally exploded.

So here we are at the tail end of the expansion and my will to push forward with the guild has somewhat diminished. Interestingly, with the introduction of the latest patch and the 'Looking For Raid' tool (essentially an auto-group arranger for raid sized instances tackling bosses and mobs at a lower difficulty) I am actually interested in joining a guild and becoming a true 'casual' player. Perhaps it is just more then bad luck and a reflection of how much time I can devote to running a guild and how little I have of it anymore, but playing World of Warcraft at a truly casual level just seems so much more enticing and viable with this latest tool. The patch was available for about two weeks when I had first cleared the latest raid via LFR. The big factor for playing together as a guild was a sense of community and above all that, fun, but the other factor was in seeing all the content that the game could offer.

Introduction of the auto-raid group arranger: Looking For Raid

With the 'Mists of Pandaria' expansion announced for World of Warcraft, I do plan to continue playing up until the release of the pack at a casual level and look forward to whatever direction the game takes me. A big part of me wishes the situation would be somewhat different and that the guild could have continued progressing, but another part of me is thankful for tools like LFR, that will allow me to step back a bit and devote time to other facets of life and gaming.

Till next time!


Playstation Wins! It's a Dance-HOFF!

You thought you had seen it all. Forget about it! Uncharted 3? Forget about it! Modern Warfare 3? Forget about it! Battlefield what?! Forget about it!

PS3 has the HOFF! Maaaate!

The Gameolio Podcast Episode #40 - 'Oh No Pandas!'

Join Dan and Haven as they chat about BlizzCon 2011, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3 Event, Batman Arkham City and more! Rich appears towards the end - mysterious!

Hop on over to for more podcasts, news, information and reviews!

Dead Island with Gameolio - Nikolai!

A little Co-Operative gameplay with Ai-Phuong and Dan from Gameolio. Meet Nikolai!

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Combat Video

Having just finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I have to say that my interest in the next offering has not subsided one bit. Check out the latest gameplay trailer, focusing on combat, below:

Batman Arkham City - The Joker Trailer

Sweet Batman / Joker goodness! Arkham City can't get here quick enough!

The Gameolio Podcast Episode #37 - 'Join the Dark Side'

You can now listen to our Podcasts in it's entirety via Youtube.

Join Ai-Phuong, Haven, Rich and Dan as they chat about Halo Reach Challenges, Ai-Phuong's WoW levelling experience, swimming technology and Rich gets onboard the PS3 train (choo choo!).

For downloadable versions you can hop over to and direct download the MP3 or subscribe via iTunes.

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film)

Wonderful to see a live action short produced. Well produced at that! Portal fans rejoice!

Plants vs Zombies: Late Night Oops!

Decided to fire up PvZ, foolishly, in the wee hours of the morning. The result: complete failure. My poor brains :(


Life Win!

It's an oldie, but one of the gaming commercials that bring a smile to my face every time I see it. Enjoy marketing genius, enjoy Tekken for the PS2:

NBA 2K Continues to Jam

It has been a long long time since I last hit the basketball courts, be it virtual or real, and taking a look at this latest entry from the NBA 2K series makes me want to hit them, and hit them now.

Without a doubt this has got to be the most gorgeous NBA game related trailer I have seen to date. I'm quite excited about being able to play as Larry Bird once again and get into a game against his 'Airness' Michael Jordan.

What are you looking for in a Gaming Podcast?

Hey all,

As our gaming podcast, The Gameolio Podcast, reaches the mid 30s (in terms of episodes and not age, though there's a thought) I've been wondering more and more about what the listening audience would like to hear in our show(s).

Do you want to hear our thoughts on the latest games and upcoming gaming news?

Would you like to hear our thoughts on old games and ancient gaming news? Real retro like. The Last Ninja!

Would you like to contribute to our show? Sending in an email or voice message to be played on the show and discussed?

How about some gaming cooking tips for energy on the 'go'?

All questions and suggestions would be totally appreciated. You can leave a comment below or even type in to us at gameolio at gameolio dot com.

If you haven't heard our podcast before and are interested, you can find our archive at:

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Mega64: Doug Huggem

Duke Nukem has been socially adjusted! More fine work from the folks at Mega64.

That Creepy Resident Evil 4 Vendor Guy

He's at your local takeaway buying your wares! Love the folks at Mega64!

EVE: A Future Vision

I absolutely hope that this is the combination of both the upcoming FPS and their existing MMO (Eve Online). It's what I've always wanted. Hope it's not a case of 'Becareful what you wish for'. Here's hoping!

Call of the Dead Trailer

I am so sick of zombie addons to games as of late. However I saw this just recently and am sold. Argh! Zombie sucker am I!

The Gameolio Podcast Ep30: 'Xbox Bing Chicken'

The Gameolio Podcast hits episode #30. We chat about Microsoft's showing at the latest E3 (2011) and a tad on League of Legends and The Witcher 2. Click for the full episode.

Dead Space Hacked Plasma Cutter

Being a fan of the Dead Space game, of course I was interested in a real life working version of the plasma cutter. Sure it can't cut reanimated limbs, but balloons are just as pesky.

The folks at Amazing Lasers! continue to impress:

World of Warcraft: Rage of the Firelands Trailer

At long last, a trailer for the latest content patch in World of Warcraft has been revealed.

Titled Rage of the Firelands, players will have another chance to face the super hot Ragnaros.

Mass Effect 3 Gameplay. Love that Omni-Blade!

So with E3 upon us so too comes the oodles of news on all things gaming. Mass Effect 3 had a big showing and details on takedown combat and the new omni-blade have come to light. It's looking great and absolutely cannot wait for the demo/game! Take a look at the extended walkthrough as seen at E3 with GT TV:

Halo 4!!!!!!! CONFIRMED!

The much talked about Halo sequel had been talked about for eons and today it had been officially confirmed as in the pipe line and heading to Xbox 360 consoles on 'Holiday 2012'. I for one am officially 'stoked' but the teaser does raise a couple questions.

1) Cortana.... hair cut? Oh kay.
2) Master Chief... jet pack? From where?

Enjoy the teaser below and let us know what you think:

Alien Swarm: 4P Co-Op

Our first go at a four player session before recording Podcast #29 (with special guest Brigwyn). Audio was a little scratchy on my part (ramped my MIC up to full for some nutty reason) and some choppy frames. I believe my Internet connection was at capacity with Skype and streaming at the same time. But you can hear the madness nonetheless.

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Trailer Mania!

Three trailers were released this week to three games that I am quite looking forward to. So in case you missed them I have them linked up for your viewing pleasure:

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Teaser

Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer

The Darkness II

Dead Space Playthrough | Chapter 8: Search & Rescue

It's getting tough - little ammo and lots of madness. The 'whispers' are especially creepy at midnight!

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Alien Swarm - Looking for more!

Recently I've been checking out a couple of the freebie games out there on the Interwebs. One of them being Alien Swarm. Looking very similar to the Alien Breed series it was quite easy to get into. What seems to be of even more fun would be the potential for getting three other players to go for a crazy alien filled co-operative experience. If you like what you see below and would like to group up sometime, join us on the Gameolio group on Steam and let us know if you're keen to shoot aliens and save... space?

Steam group:

Alien Swarm:

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Portal 4 Real

On the latest podcast I brought up the idea of a 'real' Portal. Or to be more specific, a poster that you could hang or mount on your wall, perhaps boasting an LCD panel so that you could display a picture of some sort. Okay, keep it clean folks. I was thinking of a getaway location or perhaps a nice slice of birthday cake. Whatever you'd like!

So anyway I did a little Googling post-show and found that the folks at Kotaku had found something close, but not quite, to what I was wanting. Either way it's a funky little doodad.

The next evolution will have to be a Portal for real. Think of the amount of cars it would take off the road.

Government: make it happen!


Ubisoft Unsheathes Assassin's Creed Revelations

Just like that we have news of the third instalment in Ezio's trilogy. Having just started Brotherhood I am already ready to roll on a third dose. Although I had thought initially that they were going to be gunning for a new assassin and move ahead in time, it looks like there is still quite a bit of juice left in the Ezio storyline. Either way I am excited by the announcement as I am sure most Assassin's Creed fans will be and even moreso, the Ezio fans out there:
"Today, Ubisoft announced the development of Assassin’s Creed Revelations, the fourth installment in the critically acclaimed and immensely popular video game franchise. Developed and led by Ubisoft Montreal with the support and expertise of Ubisoft studios Annecy, Massive Entertainment, Quebec, Singapore and Bucharest, Assassin’s Creed Revelations presents the most immersive experience available in the series to date and the culmination of Ezio’s adventure. The game is set to release on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC this November."
You can read the full press release here:

The Witcher 2 Censored in Australia

Yet another instance of gaming companies needing to alter their content to satisfy our brilliant classification system.

This morning I read a press release (5/5/11) from CD Projekt RED detailing the age ratings given to their upcoming sequel, The Witcher 2. Unfortunately, for mature Australians, our edition has had some changes made to it that will differ to the international version (what the rest of the world will get come May 17th):
Australian Government Classification Board
Mature (MA 15+)
Strong violence, sex scenes, nudity and coarse language
In order to obtain the rating in Australia, CD Projekt RED was unexpectedly obliged to make small changes to game content relating to the topic of sex as a reward. Since these changes are quite minor, especially relative to the total amount of content, they are unlikely to significantly affect the overall play experience.

“From the time we started developing The Witcher 2, our goal was to create a single international version. So, we are happy the game will be available almost everywhere exactly as we envisioned it. At the same time, we are disappointed that because Australia’s rating system for computer games does not go above MA 15+, we had to make two small content changes in order for our game to be distributed there at all. I would like to assure our Australian customers that we aware of the situation in their market, and will do everything we can to support them,” stated project lead Adam Badowski.
What more can I say? Regardless of how small a change it is and whether or not it would jeopardise the overall gameplay experience, it's simply another case for mature Australian gamers to get an R18+ rating and be done with it. This isn't anything new, and has been brought up several times on previous gaming releases that had to be chopped someway or another. But it further reinforces the need for such a rating.

Either way it's still looking bloody hot. Looking forward to playing it on the Xbox 360 when it releases.

Child of Eden - Synesthesia Trailer

Being a huge fan of Rez, I was excited about the existence of their next game, Child of Eden. It seems that game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has been quite busy creating another unforgettable and quite beautiful 'shooter' coupled with brilliant music. With a release date of mid June on the Xbox 360 and September on the PS3, fans of Rez have much to be happy about in the coming months. 

Dead Space Playthrough | Into the Void

Decided to fire up the old Dead Space on the PC and attempt to make a little progress in the game. If you're not worried about spoilers then I've linked up my play-through in chapter 7 of Dead Space for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to comment on my noob-iness in piloting the old Isaac through necromorph hell.

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Gameolio Podcast Ep 26: SPAAACE!

Tune in every second week as The Gameolio Podcast casually talks about games, casually, once again. If you would like to interact with the show and drop us some feedback or perhaps a question/contribution to the show please drop us an email: gameolio at gameolio dot com. You can now also drop in and join us LIVE in the chat channel as we broadcast via UStream. Simply join our Facebook page and you will be able to sign-up to the next Podcast event.

Ai-Phuong was out this week and left the boys to talk Portal 2, Parasite Eve 3, PSN Offline, 3DS and Nintendo's Project Cafe. Also, Rich finished Mass Effect 2!
  • Portal 2
  • Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday
  • PSN offline
  • Nintendo 3DS: post release
  • Nintendo's Wii 2 / Project Cafe

Mass Effect 3: Two New Screenshots

A nice little surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox just now and I thought I would share, in case you hadn’t seen these previously. I believe they were released just recently, but with the Easter hoildaying and a little bit of Australian lag the screenshots are here.

What to say? A little flashy armour there on those three, but they don’t look to be much of a challenge for one Commander Shepherd.

I do like the destruction going on in the background however, and am also wondering what the CT3 is? Interesting!
Insane CT3 Posse
Shepard in action, as ticked off as usual

Duke Nukem Forever - Come Get Some trailer

Getting close now! After the fun of Portal 2, this is what my sights are set on next.

Come get some with Duke Nukem Forever latest trailer.

The Gameolio Podcast Ep #26 Live on UStream

The Gameolio Podcast Episode #26 recorded live very shortly (approx 6:30pm AEST). Feel free to drop by and say hello in the chat channel.

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

Portal 2: Fun times and Stephen Merchant

Portal 2 arrived in the post yesterday and I've got to say I was quite curious as to how this one would play out. Even moreso on my trusty 360 - previously playing the first round of Portal on the PC.

The first thing that I noticed was a familiar voice. Familiar because I've been a big fan of most of his combined projects with Ricky Gervais (The Office, Extras and their podcast). The voice belonging to Stephen Merchant. I thought the choice was brilliant when compared to the robo-synthesised voices of our previous outing as it's quite odd and distinct.

The beauty of the series is in it's simplicity. Not in terms of puzzle solving, as there can be some tricky problems. But in the fact that you, for the most part, are armed simply with a portal generating 'gun'.

Now I didn't want to say too much on Portal 2 itself, I just wanted to briefly mention the fun I am having in it so far. Currently at about the 3 or 4 hour mark of the single player and am so pumped to play the co-op section - heard that the game is even better in this mode.

With Easter coming up I'll probably have to save the full review till next week, but so far it's a damn fun title.

Are you playing it? Which platform are you currently playing it on? Even more importantly, are you enjoying it?

Crysis 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Suit, gun, explosions: Crysis 2
By Dan

The original Crysis was one of those special games. It had us pouring over screenshot after screenshot eventually leading to the question of whether our rigs would be able to handle the game without a major expenditure. It, like Half Life 2 and Doom 3, was the next step in computer generated gaming goodness, at least in a visual sense. Gameplay mechanics and interaction via the nano-suit was fun and sometimes fiddly, but the experience on the whole was a solid E for entertainment. Here we are with Crysis 2 and while I wasn’t particularly excited on the lead-up to the game, I certainly had my eye-out on the screenshots that started appearing all over the web. Moreso because I had previously played Crysis on the PC, and was about to hop into v2 of the nano-suit on the Xbox 360.

Click to read the full post at

World of Warcraft: Paladin Tanking - Auchenai Crypts

A recording of a dungeon run through Auchenai Crypts on the level 65 Protection Paladin. Skeleton and apparition-mania! A strange looking jelly-fish type creature to boot! Love the music in here however - very Diablo-like being from the same composer.

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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review (PS3)

Once upon a time, there was a rogue who was raised by animals after a prosperous kingdom perished. Guided by the voice of his animal companions, he arrived at an ancient ruin looking for treasures. Little did he know that this fateful encounter is just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.
Tepeu: Together we can end war
The premise of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is quite straight forward. Game Republic has crafted a magical world with lots of finely crafted and stylised cut scenes littered throughout the game. You play as a rogue, who has no name until you meet up with Majin and he decides to name you Tepeu. Where this name came from is then later explained in the game as you try to uncover why a once prosperous and advanced kingdom fell apart.

World of Warcraft: Paladin Tanking - Slave Pens

I decided to start recording my instance runs on the crazy climb to level 85, and thought I would share the first one with Blogger now (and probably all the future recordings too).

This is my level 62 protection paladin taking a wander through the dungeon known as the Slave Pens.

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The Gameolio Podcast Episode #25 - 'Quarter Century'

Howdy all!

Just popping on YouTube version of our latest Podcast online for those who may like to have a little listen and find out if it's something you may be interested in.

You can watch the YT video below and if you'd like to hear the entire show, head over to

Thanks for listening. Would love to have you join us in our live-stream on!

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Ever played the original Donkey Kong at an arcade? Know the rush of beating the elevator screen? Feel the competitive burn as your score inches closer and closer to the high score set on that particular machine? No? Neither do I. However there was a film released in 2007 titled The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters that I had ashamedly never heard of. It was only by chance that I was speaking with an arcade gaming aficionado that I learnt of this particular gem.

The King of Kong is a documentary all about the competitive world of arcade gaming and more to the point, Donkey Kong and the folks who are attempting to beat Donkey Kong top score setter, Billy Mitchell. We are introduced to Steve Wiebe, a competitor for the top score on Donkey Kong. Needless to say there needs to be conflict and a resolution mixed in between and so the journey begins. The film maker shows us personalities, families, friends and back stories on both Billy and Steve and crafts a decent story leading up to a potential shot at being the number one Donkey Kong player and setting a Guinness World Record.

Click to read the full post at

I love my Cube

By Davesto

Okay, I missed the last Podcast and couldn’t believe that I missed an epic episode on my favorite console of all time – the Nintendo GameCube. In fact I love the Cube so much that I bought two. Yes, one for the PAL region and one for the NTSC region. I am still trying to get my hands on a nice Panasonic Q that comes with a DVD player – just for collection purposes.

No matter what people said about the Cube – especially the whole kiddy image of the Cube – it is honestly a great console. I still play my Cube a lot even now, even more than the Wii itself. I even bought every single accessory available, including the GameBoy Player, four sets of link cables and two Wave Bird controllers. Not to mention nearly every colour of controller available. That’s how obsessed I was with my GameCube.

Flashback | Co-Op Chronicles: The Double Dragons

By Viperfish

The exact circumstances are lost either to time or to the vacillating lucidity of my memory – thanks, high school – but one thing is for certain: the still as-yet unbroken gaming partnership between Dan and myself began with Technos’ 1987 arcade beat-em-up par excellence, Double Dragon.

I had heard much about the game well before I ever got to play it. Dan, by virtue of living in the well-furnished city of Sydney, had access to a more fruitful variety of arcade games than I could dream of growing up in the sparse and… Canberresque city of Canberra. We had Pole Position. We were glad for it. Luckily, Dan was all too happy to fill me in on what I was missing.

Motorstorm: Apocalypse Review (PS3)

By IdiotCat

I’m not usually one to play racing games cause I’m kind of bad at them, but Motorstorm: Apocalypse kind of got my attention with it’s destructive environments. By no means does that mean I’ve become better at racing games – no actually I’m much WORSE in this game, but in a cool way! For those familiar to the Motorstorm series, this is technically the fourth game in the series (but third on the PS3).
Developed by Evolution Studios in the UK and Sony Computer Entertainment, the story of Motorstorm: Apocalypse is basically about the next Motorstorm Festival. It is held in the creatively named City, which is experiencing some pretty apocalyptic changes due to a massive natural disaster. The intro is pretty hectic; you play as a first time rookie in the Motorstorm race, driving to get to the centre of the City where everyone else is. The intro triples as the credits, tutorial and introduction to the game. Cutscenes are in the fully voiced, 2.5D animated, comic style.

Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Review (Xbox 360)

By Dan

The latest and final DLC for BioWare’s fantastically awesome sci-fi romp was released yesterday. Having just completed all the achievements in Mass Effect 2, and it’s previously released downloadable content, I had been awaiting the Arrival ever since I first heard of it. I mean this was rumoured to be the bridge between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Questions would be raised, and with a little luck, answers would be presented. There was much to be expected in the 800MB download and possibly too much for me to reasonably receive.

The DLC begins when you receive a communication from Admiral Hackett, voiced by Lance Henriksen, informing you of an agent held captive on a planet in Batarian space. The rescue of this particular agent is of great importance as they claim to have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Just like that, the mission is given and you are ready to set course for a newly opened area on your galaxy map, and a chance to grab 100 Gamerscore points.

Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

By Rob W (Guest Contributor)
Since the release of the original Killzone on ps2 back in 2004, the series has constantly delivered a sci-fi first person shooter well known for its visually impressive environments, and Killzone 3, the newest installment, is no exception. Taking place on the Helghast home-world, the outstanding landscapes serve to create a harsh and alien setting to the vicious firefights that make up Killzone 3.
Like most first-person shooters, Killzone 3 features both a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode, including a local co-op feature. While the storytelling used for the campaign borders on laughable, the multiplayer pitches you into furious battles over objectives as you attempt to capture points, set bombs, or simply kill as many enemy team members as possible.

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