Call of the Dead Trailer

I am so sick of zombie addons to games as of late. However I saw this just recently and am sold. Argh! Zombie sucker am I!

The Gameolio Podcast Ep30: 'Xbox Bing Chicken'

The Gameolio Podcast hits episode #30. We chat about Microsoft's showing at the latest E3 (2011) and a tad on League of Legends and The Witcher 2. Click for the full episode.

Dead Space Hacked Plasma Cutter

Being a fan of the Dead Space game, of course I was interested in a real life working version of the plasma cutter. Sure it can't cut reanimated limbs, but balloons are just as pesky.

The folks at Amazing Lasers! continue to impress:

World of Warcraft: Rage of the Firelands Trailer

At long last, a trailer for the latest content patch in World of Warcraft has been revealed.

Titled Rage of the Firelands, players will have another chance to face the super hot Ragnaros.

Mass Effect 3 Gameplay. Love that Omni-Blade!

So with E3 upon us so too comes the oodles of news on all things gaming. Mass Effect 3 had a big showing and details on takedown combat and the new omni-blade have come to light. It's looking great and absolutely cannot wait for the demo/game! Take a look at the extended walkthrough as seen at E3 with GT TV:

Halo 4!!!!!!! CONFIRMED!

The much talked about Halo sequel had been talked about for eons and today it had been officially confirmed as in the pipe line and heading to Xbox 360 consoles on 'Holiday 2012'. I for one am officially 'stoked' but the teaser does raise a couple questions.

1) Cortana.... hair cut? Oh kay.
2) Master Chief... jet pack? From where?

Enjoy the teaser below and let us know what you think:

Alien Swarm: 4P Co-Op

Our first go at a four player session before recording Podcast #29 (with special guest Brigwyn). Audio was a little scratchy on my part (ramped my MIC up to full for some nutty reason) and some choppy frames. I believe my Internet connection was at capacity with Skype and streaming at the same time. But you can hear the madness nonetheless.

Watch live video from gameolio on

Trailer Mania!

Three trailers were released this week to three games that I am quite looking forward to. So in case you missed them I have them linked up for your viewing pleasure:

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Teaser

Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer

The Darkness II