What are you looking for in a Gaming Podcast?

Hey all,

As our gaming podcast, The Gameolio Podcast, reaches the mid 30s (in terms of episodes and not age, though there's a thought) I've been wondering more and more about what the listening audience would like to hear in our show(s).

Do you want to hear our thoughts on the latest games and upcoming gaming news?

Would you like to hear our thoughts on old games and ancient gaming news? Real retro like. The Last Ninja!

Would you like to contribute to our show? Sending in an email or voice message to be played on the show and discussed?

How about some gaming cooking tips for energy on the 'go'?

All questions and suggestions would be totally appreciated. You can leave a comment below or even type in to us at gameolio at gameolio dot com.

If you haven't heard our podcast before and are interested, you can find our archive at: http://gameolio.com/category/podcasts/

Also iTunes and the RSS feed below:

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Mega64: Doug Huggem

Duke Nukem has been socially adjusted! More fine work from the folks at Mega64.

That Creepy Resident Evil 4 Vendor Guy

He's at your local takeaway buying your wares! Love the folks at Mega64!

EVE: A Future Vision

I absolutely hope that this is the combination of both the upcoming FPS and their existing MMO (Eve Online). It's what I've always wanted. Hope it's not a case of 'Becareful what you wish for'. Here's hoping!