Dead Space Playthrough | Chapter 8: Search & Rescue

It's getting tough - little ammo and lots of madness. The 'whispers' are especially creepy at midnight!

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Alien Swarm - Looking for more!

Recently I've been checking out a couple of the freebie games out there on the Interwebs. One of them being Alien Swarm. Looking very similar to the Alien Breed series it was quite easy to get into. What seems to be of even more fun would be the potential for getting three other players to go for a crazy alien filled co-operative experience. If you like what you see below and would like to group up sometime, join us on the Gameolio group on Steam and let us know if you're keen to shoot aliens and save... space?

Steam group:

Alien Swarm:

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Portal 4 Real

On the latest podcast I brought up the idea of a 'real' Portal. Or to be more specific, a poster that you could hang or mount on your wall, perhaps boasting an LCD panel so that you could display a picture of some sort. Okay, keep it clean folks. I was thinking of a getaway location or perhaps a nice slice of birthday cake. Whatever you'd like!

So anyway I did a little Googling post-show and found that the folks at Kotaku had found something close, but not quite, to what I was wanting. Either way it's a funky little doodad.

The next evolution will have to be a Portal for real. Think of the amount of cars it would take off the road.

Government: make it happen!


Ubisoft Unsheathes Assassin's Creed Revelations

Just like that we have news of the third instalment in Ezio's trilogy. Having just started Brotherhood I am already ready to roll on a third dose. Although I had thought initially that they were going to be gunning for a new assassin and move ahead in time, it looks like there is still quite a bit of juice left in the Ezio storyline. Either way I am excited by the announcement as I am sure most Assassin's Creed fans will be and even moreso, the Ezio fans out there:
"Today, Ubisoft announced the development of Assassin’s Creed Revelations, the fourth installment in the critically acclaimed and immensely popular video game franchise. Developed and led by Ubisoft Montreal with the support and expertise of Ubisoft studios Annecy, Massive Entertainment, Quebec, Singapore and Bucharest, Assassin’s Creed Revelations presents the most immersive experience available in the series to date and the culmination of Ezio’s adventure. The game is set to release on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC this November."
You can read the full press release here:

The Witcher 2 Censored in Australia

Yet another instance of gaming companies needing to alter their content to satisfy our brilliant classification system.

This morning I read a press release (5/5/11) from CD Projekt RED detailing the age ratings given to their upcoming sequel, The Witcher 2. Unfortunately, for mature Australians, our edition has had some changes made to it that will differ to the international version (what the rest of the world will get come May 17th):
Australian Government Classification Board
Mature (MA 15+)
Strong violence, sex scenes, nudity and coarse language
In order to obtain the rating in Australia, CD Projekt RED was unexpectedly obliged to make small changes to game content relating to the topic of sex as a reward. Since these changes are quite minor, especially relative to the total amount of content, they are unlikely to significantly affect the overall play experience.

“From the time we started developing The Witcher 2, our goal was to create a single international version. So, we are happy the game will be available almost everywhere exactly as we envisioned it. At the same time, we are disappointed that because Australia’s rating system for computer games does not go above MA 15+, we had to make two small content changes in order for our game to be distributed there at all. I would like to assure our Australian customers that we aware of the situation in their market, and will do everything we can to support them,” stated project lead Adam Badowski.
What more can I say? Regardless of how small a change it is and whether or not it would jeopardise the overall gameplay experience, it's simply another case for mature Australian gamers to get an R18+ rating and be done with it. This isn't anything new, and has been brought up several times on previous gaming releases that had to be chopped someway or another. But it further reinforces the need for such a rating.

Either way it's still looking bloody hot. Looking forward to playing it on the Xbox 360 when it releases.

Child of Eden - Synesthesia Trailer

Being a huge fan of Rez, I was excited about the existence of their next game, Child of Eden. It seems that game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has been quite busy creating another unforgettable and quite beautiful 'shooter' coupled with brilliant music. With a release date of mid June on the Xbox 360 and September on the PS3, fans of Rez have much to be happy about in the coming months. 

Dead Space Playthrough | Into the Void

Decided to fire up the old Dead Space on the PC and attempt to make a little progress in the game. If you're not worried about spoilers then I've linked up my play-through in chapter 7 of Dead Space for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to comment on my noob-iness in piloting the old Isaac through necromorph hell.

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