Portal 4 Real

On the latest podcast I brought up the idea of a 'real' Portal. Or to be more specific, a poster that you could hang or mount on your wall, perhaps boasting an LCD panel so that you could display a picture of some sort. Okay, keep it clean folks. I was thinking of a getaway location or perhaps a nice slice of birthday cake. Whatever you'd like!

So anyway I did a little Googling post-show and found that the folks at Kotaku had found something close, but not quite, to what I was wanting. Either way it's a funky little doodad.

The next evolution will have to be a Portal for real. Think of the amount of cars it would take off the road.

Government: make it happen!

Kotaku: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/03/we-want-these-incredible-portal-portals/

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Loner Gamer said...

You know what they say about real portals - the person who emerges from the other side is just a copy while the original fades into nonexistence but yes, I want those portals for my Game Room!