Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Review (Xbox 360)

By Dan

The latest and final DLC for BioWare’s fantastically awesome sci-fi romp was released yesterday. Having just completed all the achievements in Mass Effect 2, and it’s previously released downloadable content, I had been awaiting the Arrival ever since I first heard of it. I mean this was rumoured to be the bridge between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Questions would be raised, and with a little luck, answers would be presented. There was much to be expected in the 800MB download and possibly too much for me to reasonably receive.

The DLC begins when you receive a communication from Admiral Hackett, voiced by Lance Henriksen, informing you of an agent held captive on a planet in Batarian space. The rescue of this particular agent is of great importance as they claim to have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Just like that, the mission is given and you are ready to set course for a newly opened area on your galaxy map, and a chance to grab 100 Gamerscore points.


Mo said...

very interesting.

Timon said...

Mass Effect 2 - The best game in the world!