Idiotcat and Tekken Tag Tournament 2


I haven't done a blog post for Gameolio yet, so here I am. Phuong/Idiotcat/Kitty here. I'm not too sure what to post as my first post here, but it will be game related! I guess we can start with what I've been playing recently. The most interesting is probably Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

As I mentioned in the latest podcast/video cast of Gameolio, I recently bought a Qanba RAF 4 arcade stick so I could finally play fighting games on PS3. I already have a TE arcade stick, but it only works for XboX (which I don't have funnily enough) and PC. I was using it to play Street Fighter on PC at the time, but I wanted to be able to play Tekken Tag 2 with my boyfriend so I bought a new one. I am no way a hardcore fighting game enthusiast, I just love fighting games but hate playing them on pad. There are some pro players who can do it and I just do not know how. I got the edition of Tekken Tag 2 with the artbook and soundtracks and stuff and ugh... both are just so amazing! The soundtrack freaking rocks so hard. I'll link a couple of good tracks, but my favourite tracks have to be the school stage and the end stages of the arcade mode. Such good remixes!

I would also like to mention I suck at playing fighting games and get super salty, but I still love them to bits. I get super self conscious playing fighting games and I am really intimidated by the community. I think it's less about it being a male dominated community and more the fact that it's a huge trash talking community. I know most of the time it's all in good fun, but it gets serious and horrible sometimes. I just don't like that kind of thing. I know it s a huge part of online/multiplayer games, but trash talking is just annoying to me. Really, you're winning and you have add insult to injury? You're losing so you have to make it worse by insulting the other player? Really? Come on.

Guess I'm just not that kind of person. I like fighting games and would love to get good at them, but I just want to be good at them for me. I don't want to get good so I can beat other people, but it's seems like the community is all about that, at least the majority is. Although I guess this is coming from someone who kind of observes from the outside. I watch streams and stuff and know some big players, but that's about it.

I think I also get really self conscious about doing well because I'm a girl. I get hyper aware that I'm a girl playing games the girls don't usually play and feel this weird pressure that I have to do well just because I'm a girl and I have to prove myself. Which is stupid because I'm a person who thinks you can love and play whatever type of game however you want regardless of gender. But when I start up a fighting game and hold the arcade stick in my hand and get ready to attempt combos this huge pressure presses down on me and crushes my confidence. Hmm... I might have just described the feeling players get in tournaments. Except I get that feeling normally when I'm playing at home or at the arcades. Argh.

Anyways, that's enough from me for now. If anyone is involved with the fighting game community I'd love to hear from you- feel free correct me or whatever. Hah. Oh yes, I play Jaycee and Zafina, if anyone was wondering!

- Kitty


x-fade said...

I love TTT2, the gameplay is awesome, heaps of features, character customization is fun and the themes are remixes of the original tekken tag tournament themes. Gives a great nostalgic feel. 10/10 would electric god wind fist.

IdiotCat said...

10/10 only if you 1-frame link.

Redizon said...

What a coincidence! I totally bought TTT2 and a Q4 RAF recently to play with your boyfriend too. Maybe we should be friends~

Nathan Rodriguez said...

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